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Riding with Robag Wruhme

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

Resident Advisor Podcast - Robag WruhmeIt is not often that I find a mix like this on such heavy rotation. Mr Wruhme’s  just such a mix that I keep returning to amongst the ocean of mixes and complilations out there on the interweb.  If anyone is familiar with the Late Night Tales Series from Azuli Records, this feels very similar. Robag Wruhme‘s podcast is a small peak into his esoteric musical tastes.  A varied collection of everything beat-worthy, funky and flipant. A must listen from beginning to end, a compilation carefully thought out and composed from an artist who has some serious compositions under his belt. The album Thora Vukk reflects a more serious side of what Robag Wruhme is capable of. Also a classic. Enjoy!