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The Studio

Friday, December 16th, 2011

The StudioThis book is THE ULTIMATIVE POP ART BOOK! And: I LOVE IT! In 1975 Jeffrey Jones, Barry Windsor-Smith, Michael William Kaluta and Bernie Wrightson formed The Studio, the blueprint for all illustrators menagerie ateliers from then on, in the middle of Manhattan, center of the volcano called comic & pulp industry. Though young they were not only among the best-known, top-ranked and innovative narrative artists. They also formed the avantgarde of their species crafting a hippiesk neosymbolistic premangamäßig illustration style. No one ever after reached this level and this book compiles their masterpieces, what a joy!
To admit: I always geared to get this book, published in England in 1979 by Dragon’s Dream and long-time not available. And now it is there, thank amazon! Never ever let it go. Order of the day: >BUY!