Nick Offerman aka Ron Swanson is the man

May 13th, 2012 by admin

After watching an episode of Parks and Recreation where a hilarious Ron Swanson quote inspired me to transcribe the quote. I then wanted an icon for the document of Ron’s quotes  so  Googled “Ron Swanson”. I came across a site featuring Nick Offerman and his talent as a Woodworker. Yes Ron Swanson in real life is a man’s man. Nick Offerman it turns out is a highly skilled woodworker. He started is career as an actor / theatre set builder. He has even built his own canoe. To us sterile of manual ability city folk , this might not even register but a truly talented woodworker only achieves boat building level after decades of mastering the craft. Nick Offerman is for real. He can fish, craft just about anything from wood, including a cabin and of course is hilarious. We need more people like Ron Swanson on this planet…I mean Nick Offerman.

Watch this interview with him on the website Manmadely.  Also search for him on You Tube, it’s worth it.

Speaking of handcrafted wonderments. I’ll be posting an article about a beautiful Gentlemans Pocket Knife that was handmade for me on request  by the genius with steel, horn and wood Barry Leslie from South Africa.





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